Why iOmniVest

The iOmniVest Goal

Steady Gains coupled with Prudent Risk Management

iOmniVest is designed around short term technical trading methods that are designed to capture quick gains while avoiding market risk.  iOmniVest also provides client-customized risk reduction measures to protect against adverse market events.    

The three key advantages of iOmniVest are:

  • Proprietary Trading Strategies
  • Intelligent Diversification
  • Prudent Risk Management

The classic approach most advisors employ works fine in bull markets.  However, when the U.S. Stock Market goes down, most of these "balanced" portfolios go down an equivalent amount.

Intelligent Diversification

When Diversification is Good.  And When it’s Not.

Most investment advisors use some form of ‘balanced’ portfolio approach, a mix of Bonds, Stocks, with potential exposure in Futures and Foreign Markets. The idea of these approaches is to reduce risk by maintaining a portfolio of assets that are generally non-correlated. The problem is, when the market encounters a severe correction, nearly all asset categories can become correlated. In other words – they go down with the market.

The problem is not in the diversified approach that advisors use – it’s that they aren’t diversified enough. OmniVest’s goal is to trade hundreds of positions in a client’s account that  are positioned to produce Alpha (above market returns).

This increased level of diversification is designed to spread risk among many positions while posturing the portfolio to gain from their composite relative strength. This  is achieved through the use of Proprietary Trading Strategies that are aggregated into Portfolios of Strategies.

Proprietary Trading Strategies

A Strategy is good if it does a good job of weathering market events.

The word “Trading Strategies” has many meanings.  In the hedge fund world, a Trading Strategy is typically a specific set of rules to buy and sell a single security or futures contract.  In iOmniVest, a Trading Strategy is the pairing of a System with one or more Securities. 

Systems have rules that define entries and exits.  The Systems are then tested over very long histories to determine past performance.   By trading the System on a list of Securities, accuracy rates can potentially be increased and risk reduced.

iOmniVest uses this principle to trade multiple positions within a Strategy, and combines multiple Strategies into Portfolios to reduce risk and increase overall returns.

Here we see multiple Strategies running on Facebook attempting to identify and trade ideal "reversion" entry points.

Prudent Risk Management

The iOmniVest Advantage

The use of increased diversification by virtue of multiple Strategies provides a high level of risk protection in normal markets.    While past performance is no guarantee of future results, the Strategies’ ability to gain ground in down markets has been noted in historical “Back Tests” for 2008, 2011, and 2015.