How it Works

iOmniVest uses a combination of technical analysis techniques and proprietary technology to trade individual equities in the U.S. Stock Market.  iOmniVest also employs multiple Trading Strategies and Security Groupings in an attempt to deliver consistent returns while looking to mitigate losses.  

Trading Engine Architecture

iOmniVest is built on 4 conceptual layers – Trading Systems, Trading Strategies, Portfolios of Strategies, and Super Strategies.

iOmniVest is built on four layers of Advanced Trading Strategy technology.   

Each layer provides a new level of diversification and market protection.

  • Trading Systems: iOmniVest uses Trading Systems from the OmniTrader platform.  Each system has conditions that must be met in order to enter a position, and another set of conditions that must be met to exit a position. Holding times for a system range from one market day to months, with the typical holding at about 3-4 days.  
  • Trading Strategies:   Every position created in iOmniVest is generated from a pairing of a Trading System and one or more securities (stocks and/or ETFs), which is referred to as a Strategy. A Strategy can be composed of one System paired with one security, or it could be one System paired with a list of securities.
  • Portfolios of Strategies:  iOmniVest combines Strategies into Portfolio of Strategies to achieve better results. Multiple Strategies allow for increased allocation in an account while at the same time increasing diversification, which typically results in higher profits without dramatically increasing risk.
  • Super Strategies: iOmniVest Strategy Developers combine Portfolios of Strategies to create what is called a “Super Strategy" which is then added to iOmniVest after approval.   Clients are able to allocate a percentage of their account to one or more Super Strategies.     

iOmniVest Super Strategies can be very
simple or very complex. 

The makeup of each Super Strategy is disclosed in the Strategy documentation.

Strategy Construction Tools

Strategy Developers have various advanced tools at their disposal for the construction of Strategies, Portfolios of Strategies, and Super Strategies. 

  • Dynamic Lists:  A new list is generated for a System every day by scanning the market for those securities with specific characteristics (e.g., trading near lows, low volatility, below moving average, etc)
  • Market Condition Filtering:    Only allow trades when the behavior of a broad market ​is favorable.
  • Equity Curve Filtering:   OmniVest is able to filter trades from consideration based on the simulated performance (“equity curve”) of the Strategy.  ​
  • Strategy Balancing:   Strategies are dynamically activated or de-activated based on their recent (simulated) performance.
  • Portfolio Balancing:   Portfolios are dynamically activated or de-activated based on their recent (simulated) performance.

Investors simply select Super Strategies along with their target allocation, as described below.

Selecting One or More Super Strategies

Clients see historical “Back Test” simulation results as well as paper-traded performance of each Super Strategy since the date it was created (called the “inception” date.)

iOmniVest separates statistics for the periods before and after inception. Super Strategies with longer post-inception periods are generally preferable to those with shorter periods.  

Investors can allocate a percentage of their account to multiple Super Strategies and see the resulting performance, in both the pre- and post-inception periods.