OmniVest Institutional, LLC is always looking for stable and powerful Strategy concepts to consider for inclusion in iOmniVest.  Any Developer on the consumer OmniVest platform ( is welcome to use all the assets of the platform to create Super Strategies for consideration in iOmniVest.

The Strategy Development Process

The consumer version of OmniVest ( is where Strategy Developers create Super Strategies for consideration to be included in iOmniVest.   Strategy Developers have all the tools of OmniVest available to them for this purpose.   These tools enable Strategy Developers to create powerful Portfolios of Strategies that embody multiple advanced concepts.

How Super Strategies are Created

Strategy Developers follow this procedure:

  1. OmniTrader for System Development:  The first step is to create powerful Trading Systems in Nirvana's desktop platform for System development.  After testing, these Systems are uploaded to OmniVest.

  2. OmniVest for Strategy Development:  Systems are paired with  Symbols (typically equities) to create Strategies.   Multiple Strategies are combined to create Portfolios of Strategies.  Finally, Portfolios of Strategies are combined to create Super Strategies.   These 3 layers create an enhanced level of diversification.

  3. OmniVest Institutional (iOmniVest) upload:   Developers submit finished Super Strategies to iOmniVest for consideration.  Those that are selected are added to the iOmniVest platform.

Submitting Super Strategies for Consideration in iOmniVest

OmniVest Strategy Developers may submit an OmniVest “Account” to OmniVest Institutional, LLC for consideration using the form below.   For a Super Strategy to be considered for use in the iOmniVest platform,  it must have these qualities:

  • Back Test Compound Annual Returns > 20%.
  • Back Test Return:Draw Down Ratio > 3:1.
  • Back Test performance must demonstrate either (a) the ability to weather market downturns by reducing Draw Downs OR (b) the ability to generate substantial “Alpha” (above-market returns) in Bull Markets.   A Super Strategy that has both qualities is preferred.
  • Account has been Paper Trading (without any changes) in OmniVest for at least 30 days.

Strategy Developer Compensation

If a Super Strategy is selected for adoption in iOmniVest, compensation will be offered to the Developer based on the robustness and performance of the Super Strategy.  Compensation may be increased over time provided the Super Strategy continues to perform.    Super Strategies which show signs of under-performing the market will likely be suspended.

Super Strategy Submission

If you are a Strategy Developer in the consumer OmniVest platform, please submit your Strategy (OmniVest Account) here for consideration to be included in iOmniVest.  

You will be contacted after we have evaluated the merits of your Super Strategy.  Your strategy will not be used with out your permission.