Automated Investment Technology
for Institutions and Discerning Investors


Don't just Invest.  OmniVest

with OmniVest Institutional

OmniVest Institutional was designed to overcome the limitations of classic investment approaches.   The iOmniVest approach is simple.  iOmniVest seeks to provide more consistent returns with less risk by:

(1) Identifying opportunities in individual equities for short term gains using advanced Trading Strategies built from 25 years of research,  and

(2) Reducing market exposure through multiple levels of diversification and market hedges that the user can control.

Our Goal:  Consistent Gains & Reduced Risk

We use Short-term Trading Strategies that are designed to generate consistent gains in all market conditions.

Strategies are combined to create Portfolios of Strategies, to reduce risk through increased diversification.

Portfolios are combined to create Super Strategies, which provide a second level of diversification.

The iOmniVest Architecture

At the base layer of iOmniVest are Trading Strategies that run on ETFs and/or stocks that are pre-qualified every day based on their behavior and outlook vs. the market.  

Strategies are combined into Portfolios by our Strategy Architects.  We then combine the best Portfolios into what we call Super Strategies, which are what investors allocate funds to.

Investors allocate their account to one or more Super Strategies to achieve a third level of diversification and apply additional Risk Controls at the Super Strategy Level.

Multiple Strategies combine to generate higher returns with lower draw downs.

Portfolios of Strategies

iOmniVest is powered by Portfolios of Strategies.  Because trades are generated by multiple Strategies, a Portfolio is generally more profitable and has lower draw downs than individual Strategies.


  • Multiple Strategies make the account more fully invested, resulting in Higher Returns vs. individual Strategies.
  • Additional Diversification reduces Market Risk, resulting in Lower Draw Downs vs. individual Strategies.
  • Investors can achieve EVEN MORE diversification by spreading funds across multiple Super Strategies.

    See How it Works for more details.